Why should you care?

Imagine your website coming up on that first page of Google results and the impact it could have on your business. New leads every single month, leads that you could never have attracted using your current offline channels.

For every search on Google and on average:

– The 10 websites combined on Page 1 of Google Results get 92% of all traffic
– The 10 websites combined on Page 2 of Google Results get only 5% of all traffic

The degradation is exponential once you move away from Page 1 of Google.

On what page of Google Search is your website for your most important keywords?

Is anyone finding your website on the Internet or is it hidden from product search results and not generating any revenue?


In below Pie Chart, the entire Page 1 of Google Results gets 92% of the traffic
The entire Page 2 of Google Results only gets 5% of all traffic



In below Graph, the first 10 websites (positions) are on Page 1 of Google Results
Positions 11 to 15 are on Page 2 of Google Results
On the Vertical axis, is how much traffic each position gets


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Our Strategy

On the short term – the results are immediate-, we instantly put your company on Page 1 of Google Results using Google Ads.

Google Search Ads bring in the most valuable leads on the internet. These are people who are actively looking and searching for products and services that your company offers.

If you have a products or service that’s new to the market,  obviously there won’t be a lot of people searching for it on Google since it’s still unknown . The best marketing channel for you would be advertising on Social Media: Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn.

These are Display Ads that show up while people are active on their Social Media Accounts. More than 35% of the total world population spend time every single month on one or more of these Social Networks.

On the long term – this takes time-, we perform SEO for your website, improving your website’s rank on Google,  so that you get a lot more traffic in the future than what you get from Ads.

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What sets us apart from other SEO companies

1- While SEO Agencies only offer SEO Services (which take a minimum of 3-6 months to take effect), we offer SEO for the long term coupled with Google Ads to solve the problem of the short term. Right after we set up your campaign, you will instantly be on that first Page of Google above all your competitors.

1- Unlike many other SEO Agencies, we don’t automate link building. We hand pick every single link for your SEO. This ensures that there are no spam links and that once your position on Google improves, it will stay that way on the long run.

2- We charge a very low monthly management fee and YOU pay the rest directly to the 3rd parties we use according to your budget and needs. You pay your own links and Ads and get receipts from Google, Linking Websites, Social Media, etc.. which makes us uniquely transparent as to what you are really getting.

Loewe Digital

Loewe Digital, Golden Square, Soho, London, UK.


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