Google Ads

If you’re not on the first page of Google, you’re practically not getting any search traffic.
Clients could be looking for your products online and only finding your competitors.

We can immediately place your website on the first Page of Google Results with Google Ads.

We will recommend keywords, write your Ads and manage your campaign from A to Z within your budget.
Once this is done, anyone who searches Google for your products and services will see your website first on Google, ahead of all your competitors.


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Social Media Advertising

In some cases advertising on Google Search is not the right approach. Such as when your product or service is not a popular keyword that people search for on the Internet.

This could be because you have a product/service that’s new in the market, i.e. new brand, or a product/service that does something new, so that people aren’t even likely to search for its category or description. Finally it could be simply because your keywords have a low search volume, globally or in the area where you would like to sell your product or service.

In all these cases, the best solution is Social Media Advertising. More than 35% of the world population are monthly active users on Social Media.

Advertising on Social Media gives you the best chance to boost your brand awareness and attract the maximum number of leads right from where 2.5 billion people spend 25% of their time online (Social Media).

“34% of British consumers cite a store’s reputable brand name for being their reason for shopping with a brand, while 38% cite Social Media interaction as their reason for visiting a retailer’s website.”

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SEO Campaign

SEO is not immediate like Google Ads, every SEO effort takes a minimum of 3-6 months to start showing results because of how Google works. SEO is all about improving your website’s rank on Google Search, ideally getting your website on the first Page.

So while Google Ads are about paying for Ads on Google Search that link to your website , SEO is about your website itself and where it shows naturally and for free on Google Search.

Using only white hat SEO techniques, we set you on the right track to reach that first page on Google.
First we analyze your website and make on-site SEO recommendations using advanced tools.

The second step is the long journey of building your link profile. Links to your website are the most important factor that Google uses to determine where you rank on Google Search.

Unlike many SEO Agencies out there, we follow strict link building speed guidelines and we don’t use any automated tools that could end up hurting your SEO on the long run (spam links). We check every single link for more than 10 quality factors manually.

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A lot of SEO companies out there use automatic link placement services.
This makes things a lot easier for them and they don’t have to do any work at all.

At first (while you’re still paying these agencies), you will see improvements in your website ranking on Google. This is due to the small number of good links that happen to be in the mix acquired by your SEO agency.

All is well, until a few months later when the effect of the many spam links that your SEO agency inadvertently acquired kicks in. Google will quickly rank you down so hard, many pages down in the search results.

By then of course, your contract with the SEO agency would have long expired and you are back to zero or worse having spent money for SEO you never got.

Needless to say that with Loewe Digital, this will never happen to you.

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Web Consulting

If you don’t have a website or would like to redesign yours, it can be tricky to manage the web development process.

Writing requirements and comparing pricing in the beginning can seem to be fairly simple.

  • But how to make sure you’re not “comparing apples to oranges”?
  • How to know whose approach to follow Developer A who wants to build with WordPress, or Developer B who recommends writing the website in PHP? – as an example
  • And after choosing a Developer and a language/CMS, how to make sure you’re getting everything you should in the backend? 
  • How to completely trust one party that’s telling what can and cannot be done, how much time each thing will take, what’s necessary and what’s not?

We offer to handle all this for you.

  • Including searching for the best Developer for your requirements and you budget, local to your area or anywhere in the world as you prefer or as per what suits your project better.
  • Most importantly we integrate SEO (On-Site Part) into your website as it’s being built, which is many folds more efficient and powerful than optimizing an existing site.

You will pay the Developer directly and we only charge a very low monthly fee.


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Web Development

If you don’t have a website or you would to rebuild yours, and you’re on a limited budget, we offer to build a Basic Full Website of up to 10 Pages for a very low fee.

We use WordPress (27% of all the websites in the world).

WordPress offers tons of Templates to change the look of your website and tons of Plugins to add functionalities you need.

If you have a very small budget, we offer to build a Single Page Website that will serve as Landing Page for the Ads you run on Google or Social Media. It will contain a description of your product/service and all your contact info.


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Youtube Video Ad Production

4 Billion Videos are watched on video EVERY DAY.

Second only to Facebook, Youtube has 1 Billion Users.

Most importantly, Youtube Advertising costs a small fraction compared to all other Social Media Platforms.

Youtube is highly underestimated and underutilized.

Uploading and Advertising a Video on Youtube is the most efficient and cost effective to reach the maximum number of potential clients.

Nothing is more visual and appealing than Video Format. It explains what words can’t express and most importantly it’s more attractive than text or images.

Don’t have a Video Ad?

No problem, we produce a high quality 30s Video for you for a very competitive price.


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Our Services

Google Adwords Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

– Keyword Research
– Competitive Analysis
– Ad Copy creation and optimization
– Conversion tracking
– Bidding Management
– Reporting
– Account and Campaign Management

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

– On-Page Optimization
– Keyword Research
– Competitive Analysis
– Site Design and Architecture Optimization
– Link Building
– SEO audit and tracking

Facebook Advertising

Twitter Advertising

Youtube Advertising

LinkedIn Advertising

Web Consulting

Web Development

Landing Page Creation

Youtube Video Ad Production


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